Physical Therapist Salary by State, Experience and Company in US

Physical Therapist salary

Physical therapist is one of the many medical professions that are on demand today. This profession can be called a physiotherapist.

This involves the expertise of a physical therapy, someone who has studied and completed lectures profession in major physical therapy, that include helping people to reduce pain or recover from illnesses and injuries that result in limitation on human mobility or limited functions on human body.

During their education, a physiotherapist is taught various sciences which include anatomy, human biology, physics, and kinesiology, among others health science.

Before we look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of being a physical therapist, we will look at what is needed to become a physiotherapist and what skills are needed for the job.

Physical Therapist salary
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Requirements to become a physical therapist

In the US, to become physical therapists, they must successfully complete a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy education from an accredited university or college.

In addition, for someone to be allowed to practice physiotherapist, they must take national examination and after that they will be given a PT license. Only then they can practice physical therapy.

What are the duties of a physical therapist?

After someone completes education in physical therapy, they will be able to examine the patient, arrive at conclusions and diagnose any of the patient’s problems and then make a treatment plan. Patient care usually varies from one person to another depending on the type of illness or injury severity and status of the patient.

The advantages and disadvantages as a physical therapist

As with other professions in the world, there are advantages and disadvantages to running physical therapy as a profession.

The advantages of being a physical therapist

Physical therapist salary is good

When choosing a profession, many people see how well their career salary is paid. This is because we all want to live a decent life and be able to be financially independent for ourselves and those who depend on us.

Being a physical therapist is one job that brings pretty good wages. According to the average annual salary of a physical therapist have is around $ 89,274 average as per October, 2019.

However, the exact amount paid will vary depending on the level of education, specialization, years of experience, and educational background of the physiotherapist himself.

In addition, people who have studied physical therapy can take part-time jobs so they can supplement their income that they get from their main job.

Physiotherapist has good work schedule that is reasonable enough to allow them to have a part time job.

Physical therapist salary by State

Physical therapist salary in united state

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Physical therapist salary in state


Physical Therapist Salary by Experience Level

Physical therapist salary by experience

Physical Therapist Salary by Company

Physical therapist salary by company in united states
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Job opportunities are widely open

This is a fact that there is a high unemployment rate and the replacement of human labor by technology on these days. By choosing to be a physical therapist, your work is guaranteed to be safe. There is an increasing demand for physical therapists.

Large number of physiotherapists is needed because there is an increase of patients who need physiotherapy because hiking of diseases that affect mobility such as diabetes.

The place where the physical therapist works

Physical therapist can work anywhere but generally in a hospital, rehabilitation center, clinic, school, fitness center or nursing home. Even then, it does not have limitation that the physiotherapist had work only in one place.

Therefore, a physical therapist can choose to work in a place were they find comfortable for them. In addition, they can interact with various types of patients from adults to children and people who suffer, from this various conditions and exposure physical therapist can boost their skills become more better on what they do.

Knowledge about science and health

hysical therapist have to be an educated person. They are required to do so, have an extensive knowledge about human body health, knowing how the human body function, moves and works, as well as many other health sciences.

That knowledge is very useful not only for patients but also for physical therapists themselves. This is why physical therapist’s career is respected Among other.

The therapist can open his own practice

People who have studied physical therapy can choose to start their own practice if they have the capital. They do not have to be employed by other people or institutions.

A large number of physical therapists have successfully carried out their own practices.

Disadvantages of being a physical therapist

It takes a long time to complete education

People who decide to study in this field usually take a long time at school. While the average undergraduate school can take anywhere from 3 to 4 years, there is an additional study needed.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, one must spend time in physical therapy school so that they can become professionals.

Physical and Time Demands

The job is very demanding of your time and physical abilities. Someone must stay in shape so they are comfortable carrying out work assignment.

For this reason, a physical therapist must ensure that they get adequate rest and maintain diet balance.

PT License

As stated above, in order for someone to practice, they need to obtain a license that allows them to do physical therapist work. However, this license must be renewed every two years so that a therapist can continue to do his work.

People who renew their licenses must ensure that they are aware of new maintenance procedures and new regulations. They may have to undergo training before renewing their licenses. If someone does not renew their license, they will not be allowed to practice.

The private practice sector of physical therapy is growing and will always be in demand. As a physical therapy practice owner, you take home a yearly base salary plus a percentage of revenue, or “profit.”

Run succesfully private practices can generate income between $250,000 and $2,500,000 per year in gross revenue. If you are able to successfully manage your practice and operate at 20% pre-tax profitability, that’s add another $50,000 to $500,000 in annual profits.

Education costs

Getting a bachelor’s degree in physical therapist is expensive. Someone may be forced to take out student loans if they cannot afford to pay all of their own tuition fees.

In addition, making the choice to specialize will require further training so that a person has to face more costs.

Physical Therapist salary
Credit: – Physical Therapist salary

Difficulties in dealing with patients

As a stage of education, they will practice meeting with all types of patients. It may not be easy to deal with patients because they might suffer trauma in the case of patients suffering from severe injuries.

A person may easily become overwhelmed with the job, especially if the patient is difficult to deal with or is responding slowly with treatment.

Pursuant to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mid annual wage for physical therapists was $85,400. The highest-paid 10% made $122,130, and the lowest-paid 10% made $58,190.

The physical therapy industry is projected toward to continue growing on job volume and salary. The BLS predicts the PT industry will grow 25% by 2026 and add more 60,000 jobs aprox.

The highest-paying states for PT are Nevada, New Jersey, California, Texas and Alaska. In addition, specialty and employer can impact PT salary.

PT careers in home healthcare services, schools, nursing care and retirement facilities and outpatient care centers tend to pay the highest.

The good thing can see clearly to being a PT is that there are various ways to make extra money besides your regular 40 hour job and outpatient PT had a nearly ideal work environment.

Some sitting, some standing and lots of movement, very few distractions compared to other healthcare jobs likely constantly having job to answer the phones, no alarms/paging over PA systems to distract you. Much healthier than an 8 hour desk job or the 8-10 hours a pharmacist spends on their feet mostly stationary.

These video hopefully will help you

What are the requirements for undergoing education as a physical therapist?

To become a physical therapist, you must finishing a degree program that will consist of general education as well as classes requirement  that you need to enter into physical therapy school.

Each program has different provision but some of the basic classes that you will be taking are physiology sports, physics, healthcare, chemistry, biology, biomechanics, and classes with some statistical science inside.

What does physical therapy school look like?

The school of physical therapy is a full commitment into three years education after passing four years undergraduate classes.

Everyone has their own experienced, but there’s no doubt that graduate program gonna take a lot of your time. You will entering class that starts from eight in the morning until around five in the afternoon and then you will spend a fair amount of time studying practicing, office and getting clinic working hours.

This busy schedule will affect things on your life like your ability to maintain work outside of your education or some socializing like spending time with other important people in your life.

As time goes by completing this course, you need to do a few hours of voluntary task activities to submit this application it required for those of you who want to attend physical therapy school.

What was had to be done as a Volunteer on PT Program?

The number of hours the clinic volunteer education is given to you is reasonable, one hour every week may not benefit you or the clinic itself.

As a volunteer, maybe a lot of your time will be spent doing small tasks like ironing a table cloth or folding towels away from what you imagined with theory in class and after you have done volunteer work you can imagine yourself as a therapist and propose question.

So, do you spend enough time volunteering at the clinic to get the most out of the volunteer experience.

Also, you might want to consider volunteering at more than one clinic when attending a physical therapist later. That way you can get different perspectives on physical therapists as well as the various types of physical therapy methods available from various clinics.

There are many types of Physical Therapist like heart therapy, wound care therapy, occupational health therapy but the most mindful thing is what you need to keep in mind is what is your goal to help people and realizing there are so many different ways or method to help people.

Volunteering can help you form a better picture of what you want and to do in the field of physical therapy

Physiotherapy is not always a matter of bones and muscle alone. Physiotherapy also includes nerves such as stroke, in addition to taking medication from a doctor, patients with stroke need to be trained on their nerves by physiotherapy.

There is another nerves case such as experiencing visual impairment, balance disorders, anything related to the nerves must have something to do with physiotherapy and hen physiotherapy also handles cardiovascular, usually for patients who have had surgery on their heart or lungs, the task of physiotherapy here is to optimize the work of the heart and lungs so that both organs can function properly.

There is also a matter of pediatrics (children) that focuses on diagnosis, care, treatment of infants, children and adolescents who have congenital, developmental, neurological and muscular diseases, bone or patterns of disorders or other diseases such as children with problems of growth retardation.

Physiotherapy also deals with geriatrics which focus more on the elderly. Geriatric physiotherapy helps deal with problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and several diseases related to human aging.

Geriatric physiotherapy usually provides special programs to help restore motor function, reduce pain, improve health and fitness, and much more. physiotherapist learns about developing, maintaining, and maximizing motion functions.

Physiotherapy also has a function to maximize the quality of life as we know. Yes, if you become physiotherapists, forsure you will know how to maintain your body health & inside organs working normal and effectively.

In conclusion, there are many differences and drawbacks of being a physical therapist. If you want to decide whether you want to be or not, you must carefully consider everything especially Student Loan.

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