How Much Computer Science Salary?

Computer Science Salary
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Since internet known, IT related job is also booming, beside it’s high salary, there’s also a continuous development areas.

Those reasons make a lot of people are attracted to work in job related IT, for example computer science salary is incredibly high even for entry level.

Computer science alone is a study that enables the use of algorithms to manipulate, store, and communicate digital information.

People who work in this field are called computer scientists, they studies theory of computation and the practice of designing software systems.

Computer Science Salary

Computer Engineering vs Computer Science Salary

We also often heard about computer engineering, but they’re not the same thing. There are several main differences between those fields.

Computer science focuses on four major areas, such as theory, algorithms, programming languages, and architecture. Meanwhile computer engineering focuses on computer hardware and software.

The average computer science salary in the USA as December 24, 2019 according to ZipRecruiter is $101,999 per year.

The annual salaries on ZipRecruiter as high as $143,000 and as low as $11,000. Computer science salary range is between $83,000 (25th percentile) up to $124,000 (75th percentile) in the USA.

Meanwhile the average annual pay for computer engineer is $92,131 per year in the USA as December 24, 2019. The annual salaries as high as $398,000 and as low as $29,500.

Computer engineer salary range between $59,000 (25th percentile) to $99,500 (75th percentile) in the USA.

Computer Science Salary Based on Location

Although computer science is needed in almost every country in the world, but like any other common job, computer science salary is also varied in every part of the world.

Let’s see this data below, which consist of various computer science salary in some of the highest demand country for computer scientist:

  • Average computer science salary USA per year: $110,000+

Average salary per month in USA: $9,200+

  • Average computer science salary India per year: $6,000+

Average salary per month in India: $500+

  • Average computer science salary Canada per year: $71,900+

Average salary per month in Canada: $5,993+

  • Average computer science salary Germany per year: $58,000+

Average salary per year in Germany: $4,900+

  • Average computer science salary Australia per year: $46,000+

Average salary per month in Australia: $3,800+

  • Average computer science salary UK per year: $59,300+

Average salary per month in the United Kingdom: $4,948+

  • Average computer science salary Dubai per year: $17,695+

Average salary per month in Dubai: $1,474+

So from data above, it’s shown that USA still paid the highest salary for computer science. Maybe because most of tech companies’ office is placed there, like Google or Facebook. So working there for computer science is like a dream come true.

Computer Science Salary Based on Experience

Computer science salary based on experience are consist of three levels, first level is entry level, second is junior computer scientist, and the last level is the senior computer scientist.

Let’s discuss the first level, released data that inform the entry level computer science salary is around $70,000. If divided by 12 months the result they would get $5,833 per month. Not bad for beginner, right?

Computer Science Salary

The second level is the junior computer scientist, they are already have some experience but not yet an expert like senior computer scientist. As their specialization, skill level and the amount of work is increased, so are their computer science salary. states that junior computer scientist’s salary is at the average of $106,446 per year. So they would get $8,870 per month, more than double the amount of an average salary in the USA.

Computer Science Salary

And the last level is the veteran of this field, the senior computer scientist. They have built their experiences in computer science from the start, so no wonder their skill and knowledge is unimaginable.

They are well respected in the company they work for, and tend to teach the entry level and junior level.

The computer science salary for this level are unthinkable, around $162,000 yearly, that’s about $13,500 each month.

Of course this number may vary, depending on their profession of choice.

Computer Science Salary Based on Major

As mentioned before, computer science salary also vary based on their profession of choice, there are a lot of majors to choose from computer science.

In the table below are shown computer science salary based on their majors based on

Rank Job Title Most Common Major % Workers with Major Mid-Career Pay


% High Job Meaning


1 Software Development Director Computer Science (CS) 86% $157,000 45%
2 Principal Software Engineer Computer Science (CS) 89% $142,000 44%
3 Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Computer Science (CS) 65% $135,000 47%
4 Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) Computer Science (CS) 35% $111,000 69%
5 Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer Computer Science (CS) 63% $107,000 36%
6 Cyber Security Engineer Computer Science (CS) 27% $106,000 59%
7 Security Engineer, Information Systems Computer Science (CS) 25% $102,000 52%
8 Full Stack Software Developer Computer Science (CS) 76% $98,700 42%
9 Computer Scientist Computer Science (CS) 95% $93,900 62%
10 Software Developer Computer Science (CS) 86% $91,300 40%
11 Cyber Security Analyst Cybersecurity 31% $91,200 64%
12 Mobile Applications Developer Computer Science (CS) 74% $89,900 25%
13 Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) Computer Science (CS) 32% $88,600 50%
14 Linux System Administrator Computer Science (CS) 39% $86,400 56%
15 Information Security Analyst Information Technology (IT) 21% $84,800 51%
16 Programmer Analyst Computer Science (CS) 64% $82,600 45%
17 Application Developer Computer Science (CS) 68% $81,500 35%
18 Network Engineer, IT Information Technology (IT) 37% $80,900 47%
19 Security Analyst Cybersecurity 24% $78,500 49%
20 Security Administrator, Computer Network Cybersecurity 20% $73,900 47%
21 Support Engineer, Information Technology (IT) Information Technology (IT) 41% $70,300 61%
22 Systems Administrator Information Technology (IT) 30% $67,200 44%
23 Network Analyst Information Technology (IT) 35% $66,100 67%
24 Network Administrator, IT Information Technology (IT) 31% $64,000 49%
25 Information Technology Specialist Information Technology (IT) 31% $61,300 53%
26 Network Technician, IT Information Technology (IT) 28% $53,100 51%
27 Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist Information Technology (IT) 35% $52,500 51%
28 Computer Support Specialist Information Technology (IT) 29% $49,700 44%
29 Support Technician, Information Technology (IT) Information Technology (IT) 32% $48,300 48%
30 Computer Help Desk Representative Information Technology (IT) 31% $47,700 43%

Like shown in the table above, top 7 computer science majors that have high salary are all above $100,000. In the first place is Software Development Director around $157,000.

Follow by Principal Software Engineer around $142,000, the third place is Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) around $135,000.

Then fourth place is Security Consultant around $111,000 and below it is Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer around $107,000.

Meanwhile not too far below is the sixth place is Cyber Security Engineer around $106,000. The last place is Security Engineer, Information System around $102,000.

Computer Science Salary Based on Degree

Associate Degree Salary

The first degree from computer science is the associate degree. There are several entry level jobs in this field, like

  • Computer Support Specialist

They are provide troubleshooting to private citizens or business employees that are using computer software and equipment.

  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

the y can identify weak links in a company’s network, so it can’t be breached by hackers.

  • Web Developer

They write code to create websites for companies

Associate degree expected to have salary in the range of $50,000-$65,000.

Bachelor Degree

There are several types of bachelor’s degree (BComp Sc or BCS or BS CS or B. Sc. CS) that are awarded after studied three or four years in computer science.

Other degrees include: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science, Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering (B. Tech), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng or BS) in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Science) – BSE (CS), Bachelor of Computer Security in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Security in Computer Science, and last Bachelor of Science (BSc or BS) in Computer Science (BSc CS or BSCS or BSc (Comp).

There are also several jobs related to this degree, such as a Computer Programmer, Network and Computer Systems Administrator, and other IT related job. Bachelors in computer science salary are vary.

BSc computer science salary is ranged between $70,000-$80,000.

Master Degree (MSc)

There are also several specializations in master degree of computer science. Here are the top ten specializations:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It incorporates the principle of human intelligence and reasoning into computing system. Objective of this specialization is to create computer system with the ability of planning, automated reasoning, and deduction.

The knowledge that would be developed are representation, logical reasoning, machine learning, robotics, natural language processing (NLP), probabilistic modeling & inference, and also cognition science. Lots of jobs need this kind of knowledge, like in the insurance, banking, stock exchange, IT company, e-commerce, and healthcare.

  • Machine Learning

Principles of computer science and statistics are applied in this specialization in order to create statistical models that can be used for future predictions and identifying & discovering patterns in data.

  • Data Science and Analytics

Data science study scientific method, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insight from data. And data analytics tend to show the process of analyzing those data.

The combination of these two can help businesses for optimization operational efficiency, calculation of entire risk portfolio, investigation of the underlying causes of failures, and also to understand consumer behavior in minutes. So this would help a lot for businesses to develop their business.

  • Robotics

Artificial intelligence and engineering concepts are applied in this specialization in order to build a robot that could help humans with their task.

This field involve research, design, manufacturing, operations, software development, information processing and application of robots for industrial or commercial.

This field can be applied in several tasks like nuclear science, ocean-exploration, space-exploration, mining, medicine (surgeries, research and diagnostic), agriculture, manufacturing industry, military warfare, defusing bombs, or other tasks.

  • Software Engineering

This field study the design and assembly of software system, that’s why it applied the basic computer science, computer technology, management, and engineering economics. It revolves around coding and programming.

  • Human-Computer Interaction

Domain of this field is computer science and user interface design (UI) and experience (UX) that involves advanced computing, visualizing information, and user-centric & device-compatible design thinking and methods.

Objective of this field is to understand consumer needs, rendering and visualizing information, and optimizing interface design and user interaction.

  • Information Science and Management Information System (MIS)

Aim of this field is to improve organizational efficiency through the development of systems for data storage, data retrieval, data processing, and analysis for the design of decision-support systems.

  • Cyber Security

This field goal is to protect computers, network programs and data so it won’t be damaged od hacked.

  • Cloud Computing

This field made us possible to use online services such as sending emails, watching videos, sharing files, hosting websites and blogs, delivering software, analyzing data, and other tasks.

It also covers infrastructure (Iaas – Infrastructure as a service) and development (Saas – Software as a service). Specialized in cloud architecture, cloud security, cloud infrastructure management, cloud application development & services, data storage & management, data visualization, programming for data analytics, and research & business strategies in computing.

  • Theoretical Computer Science

This field is dealing with reactive systems, programming language theory, and algorithms. It informs about computing limitation, algorithms practicalitation and others.

Master degree enable you pursued jobs like Information Security

Analyst, Software Developer, Computer Network Architect, and other    jobs. MSc computer science salary is ranged between $90,000-$105,000.

Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Computer science salary for doctorate degree can vary based on geographic location, training, and experiences. said that the highest paying for computer science jobs are software development manager, security architect, computer network architect, information technology manager, and data modeler.

Table below shows Phd computer science salary for top five highest paying in the field.

Software Development Manager $121,515 $104,000 $117,000 $133,000
Security Architect $120,162 $95,000 $118,000 $144,000
Computer Network Architect $116,944 $85,000 $107,000 $127,000
Information Technology Manager $85,450 $59,000 $76,000 $99,000
Data Modeler $81,739 $70,000 $100,000 $113,000

So, that’s all the information about computer science salary that you’ll need to know. As said before that IT related jobs are more known for high income and fast growing on all the parts of the world.

So it’s the most desirable job to pursue, if you’re seriously want to pursue your dream in computer science, try to collect all the information as much as possible.

Hopefully this article will give you the basic information you need to know, especially about computer science salary.

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