Clinical Research Coordinator Salary, How Much and What to Do

Clinical Research Coordinator Salary
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Clinical research coordinators is one of the important job in hospital, but not just in the hospital, this job also important in university too. That’s why clinical research coordinators salary always has a highest level even though their experience still less than 1 year.

Before we discuss about salary of clinical research coordinators, we have to know about job description for clinical research coordinators first. So what’s that?

Clinical research coordinators jobs

In general, clinical research coordinators is always working in hospitals lab. They always have collaboration with the lab staff and the principal investigator too in the lab. Not just that, clinical research coordinators is also interacting with research subjects (someone who gives consent to being a part of the study).

Clinical research coordinators always take responsibility to control the daily activities of their staff who work in conducting research. They also work with the principal investigators to set up if the study workable and work out a budget.

Clinical research coordinators make analysis about the research protocol, confirm many subject of test is familiar with that protocol and help research activities in lab.  The reason a clinical research coordinators salary always has highest level because they have many important job in hospital who demand high working hours.

Clinical Research Coordinator Salary

Clinical Research Coordinator’s Degree

When you want to have a job as a clinical research coordinators, the first thing that you must to do is having highest education.

Yes, you must finish your education in a master’s degree in the related field of their chosen and have relevant experience of this job. Because you must have a highest education, that’s why a clinical research coordinators salary never low.

Certification For Clinical Research Coordinators

Before we discuss about clinical research coordinators salary, you must know about the certification that you need first.

When you want to work as a clinical research coordinators, you must have certification from either the Society of Clinical Research Associates or the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. After you have a certificate, you can work as clinical research coordinators.

Popular Employer Salaries for Clinical Research Coordinators in the world

Clinical research coordinators is one of famous job in the world. Many countries brave to pay clinical research coordinators employers with very highest fees.

For example, in the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, Duke University and Massachusetts General Hospital is the companies that always pay their clinical research coordinators with very highest fees.

The highest salaries come from University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center who have the average pay 58,943 dollar AS.

Other companies like Duke University and Northwestern University also be paid around 53,564 dollar AS and 52,852 dollar AS. But, in University of Pennsylvania just pays their employment with lowest salary that earning around 38,564 dollar AS.

Massachusetts General Hospital and University of Florida (UF) also pay their employment with lowest salary that earning around 38,474 and 43,000 dollar AS.

Clinical research coordinators salary based on experience

Generally, clinical research coordinators usually also pay by experience. If you have strong experience with long duration work, you will have highest salary.

Contrast, when you just have weak experience with short duration work, your will have lowest salary. In the world, clinical research coordinators who have less than 1 year experience will earn with the average salary includes overtime, bonus and tips around 41,995 dollar AS.

In contrast, clinical research coordinators who have 1-4 years of experience is earning around 47,063 dollar AS. When you have 5-9 years of experienced, you will earn with total compensation average around 52,504 dollar AS.

Next, if your experience as clinical research coordinators is 10-19 years, you will earn around 46,192 dollar AS and last, in your late career with 20 years and higher as clinical research coordinators, you will earn around 59,638 dollar AS.

Clinical research coordinators salary by place

The salaries of clinical research coordinators always different by place. For example, when you work as employees in San Francisco, California, you will paid an average of 21.5%. The range is highest than the national average in US.

Whereas, in Los Angeles, California earning around average 7.8% more than national average and in Chicago, Illinois also 2.8% more than national average. But, If you work in Boston, Massachusetts, the average salaries is 15.1% lowest than national average and in Atlanta, Georgia are 2.5% lowest than national average also in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are 1.9%  lowest than national average.

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